Who we are

Innovative training consultancy activities


Because all our activities are based on our core values, which are  compassion,  kindness, respectfulness, innovation,  passion, patience, thoughtfulness, inclusion,  transparency,  interdependence, mindfulness,  fairness, co-operation and reciprocity.

With the experience of advising hundreds of companies and training thousands of people in different countries across the world, we offer unique services which value and enhance the human side of work and business activities.


Our CEO and Founder, Dr. Bruno Roque Cignacco (PhD), has more than twenty years' experience supporting companies from different sectors worldwide. He has also been teaching  business modules at several universities - both at graduate and postgraduate level - and trained companies for around twenty years in the UK and in other countries. He is a Senior Fellow of Higher Education Academy (UK). He is a Correspondent Member of Associations of Events Managers Association and a Faculty member of Further, Adult and Continuous Education (FACE) 

He is the author of several business books published in different languages, one of them "Fundamentals of International Marketing"  has been praised by the International Trade Centre (Geneva, Switzerland) – a leading organisation worldwide regarding international trade and international marketing-. 

He is a Master Life Coach and Master NLP practitioner and has studied disciplines related to personal development for more than 20 years. He has delivered countless talks, seminars and conferences in several countries. He is also the author of personal development books published in different languages 


Different types of organizations, for example: 

• small, medium sized and big organizations 

• local, national, regional and global organizations 

• organizations related to different sectors, such as primary (extractive, such as agriculture etc.), secondary (transformative or productive) and tertiary (provider of services) 

• non-profit and profit organizations as well, as governmental bodies 

Our services

 Our services include a comprehensive set of training and consultancy activities which can help you develop more positive and productive work and business environments and achieve your main objectives without compromising the wellbeing of any of the stakeholders involved.