New Book "The Art of Compassionate Business. Main Principles for the Human-Oriented Enterprise"



Dr. Bruno Roque Cignacco (PhD)



There are several well-ingrained  assumptions regarding the dynamics of work and business activities,  which can be refuted. Some examples of these widespread assumptions in  the business and work environments are: employees being viewed as  commodities, competitors perceived as threats, companies’ resources seen  as limited, and customers perceived as scarce and difficult, etc. All  which leads to the question, "Is there a way to perform business  activities more humanely?"

This book challenges the  reader to change the way they perform in business situations and become  more focused on the human aspects of business activities. The users of  this knowledge and those affected by them will undergo a profound  transformation in the way they perform business activities. They will  benefit from gradually testing and implementing the guidelines conveyed  in this book, both in the business environment and the workplace. When  readers put these principles into practice, positive ripple effects are  bound to affect other stakeholders of the organization they work for or  own.

This book includes aspects related to mission and  vision, passion, business mindset, organizational learning, improvement  of business conversations, use of constructive criticism and improvement  of relationships with the most relevant stakeholders (customers,  suppliers, intermediaries, community, and employees, etc.). The book  also includes a discussion of creativity and the innovation process, as  well as other factors that create a healthy business environment.  Extensive appendices include topics such as negotiation, marketing, use  of social media and others.


Routledge - Taylor and Francis. Year of Publication: 2019



Dr. Bruno Roque Cignacco (PhD) is an international business consultant,  international speaker and business coach. For over 20 years, he has  advised and trained hundreds of companies on international trade  activities and international marketing. He is also a Principal Lecturer  in Marketing at GSM London. He is the author of several business and  personal development books. 

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